1) You, my love are everything I have ever dreamt of. I am a wanderer in the infinite universes that are you, and what a pleasure it is, to be mounted on this roller coaster of high delight. And I, I love you.

2) You my darling are my sun, my moon, my stars and everything miraculous in between. We, all made from the same clay, nay! Yours must be laced in star dust. I am in constant awe of the man that you are. And I, I love you.

3) You my dreamer; must always push for the stars and lay awake with the moon as you are deserving of the absolute universe, the 7 heavens and more. And I, I love you.

4) I am bathed in the the sweet smell of you, the honest mixture of sweat and perfume and if I could, I would inject it into my blood so you could make yourself home in my body before you touch my skin.

5) And I am not a poet, my love, but when it comes to you my mind sings and my heart dances to the sounds of words making love, all in favour to emulate the feelings you bring to me. And I, I love you.

6) My mother said love doesn’t exist but she has never seen the way our eyes find each other in a room full of people. And my mother doesn’t quite know how I, I love you.

7) Your tears could be diamonds, but I, a beggar for your love, would still remain hungry, poor and grief stricken for the rest of my life.

8) Our hearts, when beating in unison sound like explosions falling upon exploited lands and our minds, oh my love, our minds when thinking in unison; it feels like the sunset, rendezvousing the night skies after hours of heat and no rain.

9) My all, if flowers could talk, they would all cry in happiness, and shoot towards you walking by rather than the forsaken sun. And I, in the same way would turn to you, rather than my inferable pain.

10) I am completely, and utterly infatuated with you. And I know that this is a shot in the dark, and the times are hard, wearing our foundations thin. And sometimes you cannot think straight, and sometimes I struggle to find the air to breathe, as all of it is wasted on keeping us alive. But one thing for sure, and unfailing, is my love for you. It is eternal. Undiminishable. And I, I love you.

— 10 love notes, for my dearest muse. (via pennyroyalprincess)


you do not mourn the living
not the man who once promised
you his love

you do not mourn the living
not the friend who left you
when you were so helpless

do not mourn the lover
do not mourn anyone
not a living human
who did not see the
love you poured

do not make your being
a graveyard.

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"It’s not that I’m not trying to get over you, but it’s just so hard to look at the beautiful horizons and not be reminded of you."
i can’t escape if you’re everywhere i turn - n.h.s [percussionhearts] (via percussionhearts)

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